One of the major effects of divorce or a breakup is the loss of self-confidence. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it happens to a lot of divorcees. This lack of confidence will resonate to all the other areas of your life, so you’ll feel so bad you won’t want to go on anymore. But many divorcees went through hell like you did, and they decided to come out of the mess stronger and with a firmer grip on life. You should be like that, too. You can be like them.

First things first; you need to fix your personal life. And by personal life, we mean your ability to socialize, to meet people, and to date. It won’t be easy, but there’s a way around everything. You can do something to help make yourself feel better; feel good; feel all right. That is why we decided to put up this blog.

Las Eptimam is a blog about dating for people who recently went through a divorce or a breakup. We understand the trials you are going through as you leave behind painful chapter of your life and start a new one. We know and understand because we went through every single experience that you did. We know what we are talking about because we were there once.

But like many others, we decided to turn our lives around and start anew. We decided that we did not want to pity ourselves anymore because we’ve passed that stage already. And this is part of what we will be sharing here on Las Eptimam – all the wonderful things that can happen to you once you decide to live again.

Every time you visit this post-divorce/post-breakup dating blog, you’ll find fresh content that you’ll find useful. Helpful tips for those who are raring to go out and date again? We have them. How-tos and guides for post-divorce women who want to socialize again? We have them all. Suggestions for divorced men who want a new lease on their dating life? You’ll find a lot of helpful stuff here.

Whatever it is you need to start the ball rolling again, Las Eptimam has it for you.

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