The structure of the table

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These are potential combinations and something else, in which perfection is achieved only with practice. Everything is very simple, the “structure” is not only an awareness of their potential combinations and the value of starting cards, it is also an assessment of your opponents and an understanding of what cards they have in their hands and what their reaction to the next open card is. Understanding the structure of the table is a very useful skill that will allow you to always be aware of your odds, nuts, and the chances of your opponents.

For example, your pocket cards AA and the flop came out A, K, 2. At first glance, you have a fairly strong starting hand. Nevertheless, be careful because any player with QJ, J10, or Q10 cards will easily beat your hand if a map on the thorn or river falls.

In order not to go into the rash all-in in the first round of betting, analyze your starting hand. Compare it with the best possible arm. Without a doubt, in this example, you have a good hand, but without understanding the odds and structure, you will not be able to know for sure whether your opponent can beat it. It is time to make a difficult choice here.

Knowledge of strategies and strategies reveals the possibilities for you to play in different ways. Always remember your goals, since your main goal is to get the most out of your opponents. Always take into account the risk that your opponents may be stronger.

All this theory can be just words if you do not try yourself in practice. You can try to beat your opponents by checking more often than the bets and misleading them, indicating that the flop did not improve the situation.

In a game with 2 cards of the same suit on the flop, there is a big risk that your opponent will pick up the flash. Sometimes it’s better to push your opponent out of sweat by making an unexpected call. Do you have to engage and bet? When playing with a fixed limit, it’s easy to do it. In sweat or unlimited game you have to weigh what you want from your opponent.

Often after a flop you begin to suspect that your hand is not the best and you decide to stay in the game or out of the game, and wait for a more appropriate occasion. It is in these cases that you will need to know about pot odds and potential odds. With the corresponding odds you can call.

Importantly! The most important advice for those who are just starting to play poker is to maintain a balance between entertainment and financial costs that will not be significant to you.

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